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Routine Eye Exams for Your Eye Care

Protect your vision with annual eye exams from Dr. Adele San Clemente in Braintree, Massachusetts. Designed to promote eye care, these routine checks keep your eyes healthy, ensuring your vision stays in top shape for years to come.

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A Powerful Sense
Few senses are more important than sight. By getting annual exams, you can catch glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases early, ensuring you receive proper treatment. Exams also check your current eyeglass or contact prescription to make sure you are seeing the world crystal clear.
Private Practice
At Dr. San Clemente's office, she takes care of every patient herself. Whether you are getting a complete exam or just looking for a new pair of frames, she helps you find exactly what you need. By offering such personal service, she can easily keep track of her patients and their needs.

LASIK® Surgery
Dramatically improve your vision with LASIK eye surgery. Dr. San Clemente highly recommends Dr. Steven Nielson for any cataract surgery you may need and offers referrals upon request. Dr. San Clemente provided post-operative care for her patients who have had Lasik Surgery.
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